Create your personalized calendar PDF for ReMarkable tablets

ReCalendar is an open-source and free calendar generator for ReMarkable tablets. Through its easy to use interface you can customize the calendar to your needs and then generate the PDF - all within your browser. No data is sent to the server - your privacy matters to me.

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  • Optimized for the ReMarkable tablet - use the full space available. No hacks needed - the generated file is a normal PDF, just upload it to your tablet normally.
  • Navigate easily using links - jump through time using hyperlinks automatically embedded in the PDF.
  • Highly customizable using a modern, easy to use UI - no need for any hacks, just configure the calendar in your browser. Don't like weekly retrospectives? Disable them. Want to have a different itinerary on Thursday? Have at it. Need an extra page after Monday meetings? No problem.
  • Locale-specific options - the calendar has as robust internationalization support. You can easily select the first day of the week and switch language to one of the built-in ones.
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