ReCalendar on ReMarkable tablet
Optimized for ReMarkable

Use the full space available. Minimize screen refreshes thanks to a simple and stable layout.

ReCalendar PDF on ReMarkable tablet
No hacks needed

The generated PDF is a normal file, with links, etc. that you can simply upload normally to your tablet.

Open Source Initiative logo
Free, privacy-first and open-source

This service will always be free. Your calendar data never is sent to our servers. You can view the full source code.

Links across ReCalendar
Links for quick and easy navigation

Everything that could is automatically cross-linked. Quickly move from the month overview, to the given week, specific date. Each day has a mini calendar to quickly navigate throughout the current month as well.

Screenshot of the configurator
Make it yours

Using the intuitive configurator, you can customize ReCalendar exactly to your needs.

ReCalendar in Polish language
Full internationalization support

Select a different first day of the week. Pick a different first month of the calendar. Create the calendar in your language. If your language is not supported, please open a new issue on GitHub.

Special dates in ReCalendar
Special dates

Highlight special dates in your calendar - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other celebrations. They'll automatically appear in many place to make sure you won't forget about them!

Monthly overview showing habits table
Track monthly habits

Special section on the month overview allows you to track any habits you'd like to maintain.

PDF icon
Customizations stay with you

When you generate your ReCalendar, the customizations you've made are embedded in the PDF. So next year (or whenever you want!), you can simply upload the same PDF, ReCalendar will detect and automatically apply the same customizations. Tweak them, if needed, and you can quickly generate a new calendar to your liking!